Obsidian File Explorer doesn't respond to changes to folders in the file system

When you paste new files to Obsidian vault using system Finder they are immediately shown in Obsidian File explorer. This does not happens if you paste folders: only new folders are shown, but not the files inside them (you need to restart Obsidian to make them visible):


  • Operating system: macOS Big Sur
  • Obsidian version: 0.8.1

Additional information

I don’t think at the moment we have any specific support for dragging and dropping folders. We will eventually.

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@WhiteNoise: Sorry, just wanted to be sure you understand me correctly. I’m not talking about dragging/dropping folders into Obsidian File explorer, so I think the new Subject of this thread is wrong.

The problem is that if you put a new folder in Obsidian vault using system Finder, the Obsidian File explorer is not updated until you restart it. This does not happens with plain files.
Sorry for being not clear enough!

I tried to re-edit the subject line—does the new one make sense?

Yes, much better, thanks: the contents of the folder added to Obsidian vault using system Finder is not visible in Obsidian File explorer until you restart the program.

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Does this still happen? It’s working for me on windows

Fixed in 0.9.22. Thanks!