Obsidian File Corruption

So Recently my notes have been randomly corrupting into jibberish, and I am getting really worried im going to start loosing data. So far i have been able to use the snap shots and copy and paste previous versions back in to save my content, but the issues is starting to happen across multiple documents.

I have attached a screenshot of what i am getting:

Please advise, as I don’t want to have to stop using obsidian out of fear of loosing my documents or having to fix them every time I open it.

File corruption can happen if your computer crashes.
If it happens in other circumstances, it may be a plugin problem.

Hmm well my computer didn’t crash, I always close obsidian before logging out or shutting down, and I have no additional plugins just base obsidian.

are you opening that note with some other software?
are you using third party sync solutionS?