Obsidian Fails to load community plugins at Launch


The Obsidian shows “Plugin No longer active” for core plugins such as Files or Command Palettes every time I launch Obsidian. In order to use the core plugins, I need to go to the settings and activate it manually.

This happened recently after installing several community plugins. I uninstalled some of the plugins which caused Obsidian to work perfectly. But today, out of no where it shows the same error “Plugin No longer active”. I uninstalled Obsidian completely, and reinstalled it, but the problem persists.

I wonder if it happened to anyone as well, if so, do you think it is due to crash between Core and Community plugins? is there any solution for this?

Thank you!

i have had similar problems
if you have the surfing plugin installed, update it to the latest version
enable all core plugins (you want to be active) again and restart obsidian to see if it fixes it

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Can’t believe this helped, and wonder it didn’t cross my mind.
Thanks a bunch Yurcee.

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