Obsidian Excel Plugin:easy to handle markdown table

The way to insert tables in Markdown was too cumbersome, and one day I thought it would be really cool if I could replace tables with spreadsheets, and that’s what I wanted to solve with this plugin

GitHub: https://github.com/ljcoder2015/obsidian-excel


create sheet file


import/export xlsx file

If you are using Microsoft Office 365 to create xlsx files, you need to import the display.


embed link to markdown


copy selected cells to HTML




Great !!!

UI is not adaptive to dark theme. It would be great if we can do that. Is there some css to make the UI adaptive to dark theme ?


I will consider it in the future

This is an excellent idea. But I am not seeing the functionality to import or export in dark or light themes.

Very interesting, thanks.
I´m having an issue when trying to embed into a note, the table appears with incomplete or no data. Sometimes it doesn´t render at all.

This is great work! I noticed one bug: upon importing a large sheet with over 300 lines, I can only see the first 100 lines.

The other lines are there (i know this as formulae in the first 100 lines refer to the invisible lines) but I cannot see them at all, they are hidden.

I also noticed it doesn’t import colour highlighting in an XLSL doc, so that’s a feature request

Just an update, the bug above is now squashed as of 1.3.21, and the table with over 100 rows imports showing all the columns and rows now,

There are also default settings for numbers of rows and columns, excellent quick work, thank you!

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Thanks for the plugin! I would like to import xlsx from google drive and create a income vs expenses page and have it display visually with tracker plugin. I would then like to have a budget session using calculations from the spreadsheet. Does anyone knows if this is possible?

many thanks

I’m not sure you’ll see this but I’ve been using your plugin and I really enjoy it! I am running into an issue where I try and do an IF formula. =IF(G4>B13,G4-B13,0) but it doesn’t do anything. It actually blocks me from interacting with anything unless I backspace it out, multiple things on my sheet also seem to go invisible when this happens. If there’s anything you could do to fix this, I would appreciate it!