Obsidian doesn't treat a paragraph (text wit blank line before and after it) as separate block

Hello all.
Checked all steps before posting this: no result.
Obsidian version: latest.
I don’t know what does it mean, but…
In some cases Obsidian doesn’t treat a paragraph (text wit blank line before and after it) as separate block.
Here is the gif.
Obsidian block issue

Also I attached an .md file with this text.

Unnamed 2.md (438 Bytes)

Also check sandbox vault: result is the same.

It’s very annoying. Please, fix.

Everything is considered to belong to the second first-level item on the top of the list. This is because right after the list, there is no empty space before the next paragraph starts.

So turn this:

		8) 6787687688

into that:

		8) 6787687688


and it will all work like you expect.

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I agree, but the rule is not followed here that a paragraph is a text limited to empty lines. (as it is written in the Obsidian documentation). I see the text. which has an empty line at the top and bottom and I understand it accordingly. But Obsidian thinks that this is not the paragraph for some technical reasons of its own. Therefore, I believe that this is a bug and it needs to be fixed.

Or there is a need to make changes and warnings about exceptions in the documentation.

Yes indeed. That Obsidian also includes the paragraphs, as defined by text separated by blank lines, is unexpected. Still, the single line not separated from the last bullet item is probably what the user should fix in the first place.