Obsidian does not have Anchor link

I do not know why Obsidian does not have Anchor link to jump at the designated location.
If you know how to create a Anchor link, please tell me.

So you are trying to link to the same note, correct?

You can use Block Links, just put a caret/hat in front [[^ and the note will popup a list of everything else in the note to link to. It will assign a number to the block. And you can still use the pipe command to add a word(s) into the link for that block.

Ex. [[#^b855fa | anchor link]]

The hashtag is added by Obsidian, but you don’t type that, or the number. Just type [[^ and scroll to pick the link destination. Then you can add the pipe and words if desired.

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Got it. thanks a lots!

You are very welcome, please mark the reply as the Solution.

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