Obsidian displays "no file" and file operation timed out with onedrive

What I’m trying to do

Obsidian broke after updating some plugins. My configuration runs over onedrive.
When opening obsidain, it gets stuck on loading workspace for over a minute, then files can’t be opened and hovering shows “no file”

Things I have tried

I suspected onedrive might have been the cause of the problem as it was creating workspace-HOSTNAME.json files, which were failed merges because of having obsidian open on 2 computers. After deleting .obsidain, everything worked again, so i re-installed all my plugins:

Now, everything works correctly. Which plugin is problematic? And should I continue using one drive for storage? – did a little more testing, onedrive seems to not want to sync the .obsidian folder, help!

I keep one of my vaults (used daily) in OneDrive and generally have no issues*, although I do get the occasional numbered settings files, e.g. workspace-PC-NAME-2.json.

The important thing to remember/set using OneDrive, or any of these cloud services, is to keep the vault or the folder it’s in always local and downloaded to each device you are using Obsidian on. If the service arbitrarily decides to remove files or folders in your vault, Obsidian is going to have a problem.

Screenshot 2024-05-26 at 9.18.48

* Two or three times this setting was forgotten or reset during an OS or OneDrive update for me.

You may want to move your vault of out OneDrive, but I’m just sharing my experience that it’s generally fine.

Also sync ≠ backup, so you’ll want to have a backup system in place if you don’t have one already.

As for plugin issues, the troubleshooting steps are here:

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I have that enabled so I have kind of ruled it out, what plugins do you think could be problematic?

I reproduced the problem in restricted mode. Could it be a problem with the excalidraw files or something? please help.