Obsidian Disk Icon on Desktop (mac)

What I’m trying to do

Since the update to 1.3.4, I am seeing an obsidian 1.3.4-universal disk icon on my desktop on Mac. This did not happen until I installed the newest version, and I wonder how I can stop this disk icon to appear
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Things I have tried

I tried to uninstall and download older versions, but this disk icon is appearing whenever I start the older versions of Obsidian. Are folks experiencing the same thing? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Where is the Obsidian application itself on your Mac? In your Applications folder or somewhere else?

You can keep the Obsidian.app bundle mostly anywhere, but the usual place for applications is in /Applications.

Are you familiar with macOS? It’s common to download a .DMG image for applications (the .dmg mounted is what you see in your screenshot - the .dmg itself is probably in a Downloads folder somewhere), open/mount it, copy the application.app to /Applications, and then eject that .dmg image. This .dmg isn’t needed anymore. You then run the application from /Applications.

It is stored in the Applications folder. Every time I start Obsidian from Applications the dmg icon appears on the desktop, and I am not able to eject the disk while I am running Obsidian

What is stored in the Applications folder? The .DMG image?

Both the application and the .dmg image are stored in the Applications folder

Yeah, you don’t want that.

  1. Close everything.
  2. Move the .DMG to your desktop and click on it.
  3. Copy the Obsidian application to /Applications (replace the one that’s there). Like my first screenshot.
  4. Eject the disk image (like my second screenshot).
  5. Run Obsidian from /Applications.

Thank you so much!

You can now trash that .DMG on your desktop. It’s only a container to deliver the Obsidian application to you properly.

If you have any other .DMGs in /Applications, I’d do the same with them :grinning:

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