Obsidian Defaults to Light Colors

I am all lost here. No matter what I do uninstall/reinstall theme (From obsidian or Deleting theme Folders ) - Obsidian always picks light color scheme.

I was using minimal (by kepano) theme dark mode, and I am not sure how it happened or what may have prompted it “always” picks light mode/scheme
(Its a standalone Ubuntu/XFCE - No Cloud syncing etc)

Please help me switch to dark theme/mode (It is very frustrating to navigate to “Appearance” and change things back to Dark

Being impatient, restored .obsidian from backup.
Despite the fact that I have no idea how, everything operates as it should.

I am suspicious if recent updates to plugins may have to do anything with this.

I know the problem is over now, but had you checked Settings > Appearance > Base color scheme?

Indeed thats the first thing I did.
In fact I tried many a permutations with other themes but it didnt help

Also, I am not updating any plugins till next obsidian release for fear of breaking things :blush:

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