Obsidian Dataview Key style in Minimal theme


I am using Obisidian with Minimal theme and the Dataview plugin. I like using the hidden inline key-value pairs using this syntax (Default theme):



In minimal theme the hidden key value is smaller. I like the gray color and want to keep it. But the size is annoying. How can I make it same size as the rest of the text?


By playing around in the Style Settings plugin, I found the color can be changed in the Text → Muted color setting. But there is no size setting.

I found myself wanting to change the formatting of inline fields, to make them blend more naturally with the rest of the text. I ended up with the following CSS snippet:

body .dataview .inline-field-standalone-value, 
body .dataview .inline-field-value {
  background: var(--background-primary);
  font-size: var(--font-adaptive-normal);
  color: var(--text-normal);

This results in the following output:

How to install CSS snippets

To install a CSS snippet, to those who don’t know, you can go to Settings > Appearance, and near the bottom you’ll find a section for CSS snippets.
To the far right of the header, you can hit the folder icon to open the folder where the snippets are stored.

Within this folder, create a file ending with .css in your text editor, like mySnippet.css, and copy-paste the snippet into this file. After saving, you can hit the other icon in the image above, if your file doesn’t show there yet. And then you can enable your snippet, and your changes should hopefully show.


Awesome! The CSS snippet worked great. Thanks for the solution!

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