Obsidian daily notes opener plugins new features

Hi there, I’m glad to share some new functionalities for the plugin Obsidian daily notes opener.

Basically, the plugin allows you to open today’s daily notes in a new tab, in an idempotent way. That means there will never be redundant tabs for the note, if it’s not open, it will be opened in a new tab; if it’s already opened, the tab will be focused.

For the recent release of version 1.3.0, periodic notes (weekly) are supported, so now you can also open today’s weekly notes. Additionally, periodic notes could be colorized using the Style Settings plugin.
2022-04-05 22.56.07

For the latest release of version 1.4.0, the “Append line” functionality is implemented, the command will open the daily notes and append a new line to the specified heading section. This is very handy if you want to use a keyboard shortcut to instantly start logging your activity.
2022-04-05 23.26.10

I hope the plugin and updates can bring you improvements in productivity, and you can enjoy writing and exploring daily notes as much as I do :smiley:


FYI, more people might see this through searching if you swap ‘tab’ out for ‘pane’, since that’s what it is technically called in obsidian

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It’s great to see this functionality expanding. I find QuickAdd the best for adding lines to DNP. This might get me back using periodic notes.

Agree, I also use QuickAdd a lot to capture ideas or fragmental texts, but it always opens a new pane, therefore sometimes it makes duplicates. Recently I find myself using daily notes more and more often, and has merged some of the QuickAdd macros into it. For example, I used to have an “Idea” macro to record ideas for later check, and a “Quote” macro to capture useful texts from references, now I just log them in the “Journal” section in daily notes, separated by #idea and #quote tags.

It’s just a different approach, I’d like to see workflow from the others to learn and improve from.

Thanks for the suggestion, I checked the official documentation, it’s indeed “Panes”, and “Tabs” are used in the sidebar specifically.
I’ll rename the words in the plugin and possibly change the name to make it clearer.

2022-04-18 update: the plugin has been renamed to “Daily notes opener”, if you installed “Daily notes new tab” before, please uninstall then reinstall the new one.

Hi, if I want to open a daily note via a link in the note, is it possible? What I am trying to achieve is to click a “Today” link on my dashboard page so that I can open daily note. Currently, I format the link the using the dateformat as link to open the note. However, it will work only when the daily note is already created. If the daily note is not yet created, it will create a blank note.