Obsidian crashes opening vault

Things I have tried

Removing and reinstalling Obsidian

What I’m trying to do

My most important vault is a Dropbox folder. It worked fine until today. When I attempt to open it with Obsidian, it crashes Obsidian. Once that has happened, I cannot reopen Obsidian without it immediately crashing. I have had to create new profiles on my computer just to open other Obsidian, but once I try to open the Dropbox folder, Obsidian permanently crashes for that account.

There are many other users sharing the folder as a vault, so I would prefer not to require everyone to change to a new one and I would like to be able to open Obsidian in my normal profile again without it immediately crashing. Is there any way to address this issue?

what exactly do you mean by crashing?
Can you post a screen recording?

Also what do you mean by multiple users are sharing the same vault? Do they all run obsidian on the same exact folder?

Thanks for the reply!

A series of screen shots is attached and described below. The folder in question is a Shared Dropbox folder. I have a Dropbox family account, invited users of that account can add the folder to their Dropbox for Desktop and use the same folder for a vault. That way each of us can update the same set of notes. We had no issues with it until yesterday when I suddenly was unable to open Obsidian.

Screen shot description:

  1. I have created a new profile on my computer and opened Obsidian. You can see the Dropbox for Desktop window next to it. The folder marked with a Red dot is the one in question.

2-3. I can open another Dropbox folder called “Dummy1” as a vault

4-5. I can open the Obsidian help box without issue

6-8. When I try to open the Dropbox folder in question (the one with the red dot), Obsidian crashes and I get the dialogue boxes shown. From that point forward, no matter what I choice I make, Obsidian cannot reopen and I am presented with the same dialogue boxes.

Hope that helps. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

there is hidden folder in your vault .obsidian, can you rename it and move it to your desktop?

(you will loose all the settings for that vault but not the notes)

Does obsidian start now on that vault?

It does. Thanks so much!

can you zip the .obsidian that was causing crash and send it to us over discord?

Sent. Thanks!

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