Obsidian-codemirror-options plugin breaks build v0.13.14

I will contact the plugin author but this is sufficiently serious / a regression such that I wanted to post here as well.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Update to Obsidian v0.13.14 on MacOS with obsidian-codemirror-options plugin installed.

Expected result

Normal Obsidian operation.

Actual result

Cannot open any vault with obsidian-codemirror-options installed, error is: element ‘cs’ not defined.


  • Operating system: MacOS Catalina
  • Debug info: Can’t do: UI is blocked.

Additional information

This is important because while it is not hard for me as a software developer to edit my .obsidian/community-plugins.json file and find/remove the reference to obsidian-codemirror-options entry – in each vault where referenced – some users may not be able to find/do that. So while regression testing for new builds is indeed hard, testing load permutations of official plugins prior to release and creating release notes regarding plugins that don’t load with the new version would save some trouble. Thanks!