Obsidian changes hyphen to a bullet point

Things I have tried

I’ve tried just doing a simple backspace to get the hyphen at the start of a new line note. Also tried separating note with a line above and below that one line.

This is Markdown. This is how it works. * or - makes a bullet.

You can “escape” any character by using a backslash. Which will cause it to render as it is.

\- Test
\- Test
    \- Test

help docs: Format your notes - Obsidian Help

I sometimes change the dashes to en-dashes (for example in dialogues; where I come from we usually use dashes instead of quotation marks to indicate someone says something).

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More precisely, those symbols (and +) at the start of a line, followed by a space, mark the line as part of an unordered list, and the default formatting for that is a bullet.

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01/15/23 - FWIW - I’ve played around and used my typical way of making a new line.
By using just the hyphen it worked fine and no bullet points replaced the hyphen.
Not a big deal now that I have feedback from this Forum. :slight_smile:

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