Obsidian changed how I handle all file management

I’m 26 years old and I’ve been using computers all my life. I’ve moved on from app to app and service to service more times than I can count, sometimes looking for a better experience and sometimes just looking for change.

But Obsidian changed how I think about my computer as a whole. Its miminalist philosphy of a folder full of md files, its lack of restriction in allowing the files to be accessed in any number of ways, it motivated it me to organize my entire system based on this philosophy.

Thank you for making this wonderful application. It made my computer use much more simple, flexible, and free.


Sounds interesting! Can you explain more? Does this apply to non-text files as well?

I’ve been an avid collector of digital media (digital art, short videos, long videos, etc.) for the past 6 years. I’ve collected things on OneNote then Notion, and struggled greatly with their limitations. Now I realised the best way is to simply organize them properly in folders with standardized filenames, just like how Obsidian md files are organized by names in folders.

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