Obsidian Canvas Website Blocking Possible? If so, how? (desperate distraction management need)

What I’m trying to do

Obsidian Canvas allows access to the entire internet, which often distracts me when I’m really low energy.

Even though I already have the coldturkey app set up to block a website on my browser, the settings don’t apply to Obsidian.app canvas.

Hence, I’m trying to extend its functionality to Obsidian.app i.e. block canvas in order to optimize my environment (reduce distractions). I do not use canvas function, so I can think of two solutions:

  1. disable the core canvas function permanently on my Obsidian.app (not sure how that would work)
  2. Block a website on canvas

Things I have tried

  1. I’ve tried alternate apps e.g. self-control app, but it doesn’t work.
  2. I also tried editing host files but the method has not worked.

I can still access the websites regardless of the 2 methods I’ve tried.

Instead, I’ve blocked the entire Obsidian app, but as an avid user with Obsidian.app playing a central role in my workflow, this method hasn’t been too viable - as I set the scheduled blocks. However, this is the best I can currently do with my limited knowledge.

I would really appreciate any methods or new perspectives on this issue!! Thank you in advance.

I’ve been on the dopamine spiral every once in while for the past few days and would really appreciate if there are methods to resolve this issue, through any means, while maintaining Obsidian.app use.

So far, I’ve tried a couple more solutions, but none of them have worked so far.

  1. installing unhook on canvas
    problem: turns out I can’t download extentions
  2. deleting all canvas file automatically
    problem: I’ve tried on Keyboard Maestro.app but I haven’t figured out a method

Again, I’d appreciate if there is expertise on canvas that could help find an answer to “Internet access through canvas”!


I don’t think there are methods to block canvas right away, but would there be an indirect method to solve this issue?

Or perhaps other threads I’ve missed about canvas that pertains to this topic?

There is no way to separate blocking canvas access to the internet from the rest of the app.

I suggest you look into time-based blocker apps, they should block everything for a fixed period of time.

If you are in distress, I strongly encourage to talk with a doctor about this.


If you just don’t want to view the website, here’s a css snippet that can help :blush:

.canvas-node-content:has([class^=canvas-link]) {
  display: none;
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OH wow!!! The snippet works 100%!

Thank you for the reply!!!

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Got it! But I am no longer in severe distress — at least not now lol

I haven’t visited the forum for the past few days as I’ve found a somewhat-currently-working solution to this “distraction” issue.

  1. Ultimately, increasing friction by itself, using Keyboard Maestro.app or the CSS snippet, wasn’t quite enough to put a stop to this — I’d find a way an indirect path (even if it took 8 more clicks). It wasn’t working.

  2. Hence, I’ve decided to block the entire computer using frozen turkey (from Cold Turkey.app). This worked. I didn’t need my computer for all my tasks (note: this may not be the case for other people, in which case they can be more selective with the time-based aspect of the blocks).

  3. Along with blocking, I also reduced the reliance I had on Obsidian.app as the main app for doing everything i.e. my task management moved to todoist, initial inbox notes throughout the day using drafts and pen and paper for many small thoughts I had. As a result, I just didn’t need to check Obsidian.app that often — only for the daily reviews.

So, while it isn’t possible to complete block canvas (as of [[2023-07-22]]), I think I’ve discovered that the root of this “distraction issue” is an overreliance on technology in general. Hence, I was able to “solve” it by blocking technology itself using blockers - suggested by @WhiteNoise .

Thanks for all the replies in this thread :blush:

Hope this ‘solution’ can be of help for future community members!

Really appreciate the lovely Obsidian.app community~

Side note: for the few days I wasn’t active in the forum, I’ve tried other methods such as Keyboard Maestro.app manually finding triggers as shown below. However, as mentioned above, this wasn’t the “root cause”.

On hindsight, this list of all the triggers looks hilarious ahahaha

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