Obsidian Canvas Displays Blurry PDFs when drag and dropped into the Canvas

As you can see here, I have drag and dropped a research paper in pdf format and its totally blurry even though I have zoomed in the canvas in the max.

I have tested it in 3 Windows devices. 1 Windows 11 and 2 Windows 10 devices with Obsidian Release versions 1.3.5 and 1.5.8. And also in their Sandboxes and also Obsidian Sandboxes. Other than manually zooming in the PDF or stretching the PDF large enough and then the actual PDF readable zone shrinks a lot. I have tried to scale the display manually from windows or scale the size in Obsidian from appearance section from the settings to no avail. But interestingly enough I haven’t been able to find this issue in my iPad 9.7 inch (6th Generation). My iPad doesn’t have any scaling issue whatsoever. It is slightly blurry but very much readable.