Obsidian canvas card cannot be drag and drop after 1.1.15 update on Debian/Linux

After the update, I cannot drag and drop the cards in canvas in my Debian/Linux machine. Windows 10, and Fedora/Linux works fine.


we have no specific code pertaining any os, let alone among linux distribution.

I am having the same issue on Debian Linux after the update. I have disabled all community plugins, themes, and CSS Snippets to no resolution.

On Debian Linux, I am no longer able to:

  1. Drag and drop to move cards (the hand pointer animation grabs, but then does not move the card, and switches back to a standard pointer upon moving it)
  2. Reliably resize cards (this only intermittently works from the corners, and not at all from the sides of the card)
  3. Use middle mouse click to drag (middle mouse click instead creates a new card with unpredictable text, and only every other time clicked)
  4. Click and drag to select specific sections of the canvas at all (the shortcut ‘ctrl + a’ for the entire canvas is the only way to do so)

The workarounds I have been using are moving individual cards by clicking them and using the keyboard arrow keys, and shift clicking multiple cards to select them for any purpose.

All drag functionality seems to be gone with the 1.1.15 update on Debian Linux.

are you using X11, XWayland or Wayland?

Try X11 or X Wayland

As a diagnostic, I tried these tasks while running Ubuntu 22.04.

I logged in using both X and Wayland, and found that Canvas operated normally in both environments. I was able to create, drag, and resize cards without issue.

So this behavior might be related to the distro (Debian vs. Ubuntu), or perhaps the window manager, or perhaps the graphics driver of your distro. I also suggest trying switching from Wayland to X and see if that makes a difference.

I have the same problem with Chromebook Linux. Cannot drag and drop canvas cards. Everything else works OK and the mouse works fine in other Linux apps.

Hi, same here with chromeOS Version 112.0.5615.134 using obsidian AppImage 1.1.16.

u can if u have the two additional buttuon in your mouse like gaming mouse click at the up one and the left click and thn u can drag in ubuntu