Obsidian can't see folder on Chromebook

What I’m trying to do

trying to sync pc with Chromebook via Syncthing

Things I have tried

The sync is working i.e. syncing PC to My Files/Linux Files/Sync. Obsidian can’t see that folder however.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

My vault is on my chromeos file system - Google Drive
I’m sharing this folder to Linux ( Right-click on the folder you want to share and select the “Share with Linux” option.)
Obsidian shows my vault location: /mnt/chromeos/GoogleDrive/MyDrive/computingz/L_O_LOCAL/O/O_ichmoimeyo
Syncthing folder unsurprisingly also shows
… hope that helps a little.
PS: syncs from other devices to the Google Drive on my Linux chromebook via Syncthing work well but I often have to reload Obsidian for it to see the changes.

Thanks ichmoimeyo, I’ll give that a try.

So I’m trying to use a Google Drive folder as my vault as well. I’ve shared it with Linux and can see it on the terminal /mnt/chromeos/GoogleDrive/MyDrive/__Obsidian on Google Drive. But Obsidian can’t see it. Obsidian looks in “My Files” and can only see “Downloads” there.

every picture tells a story :slight_smile:


I know how to do this either because of …

I. … years and years of hard work, study and Linux experience.
II. … watching this video a couple of weeks ago …

When I hit “Open folder as vault” I only get this screen. How do you get the one you’re showing?

The screen you posted, says tablet on top and from the taskbar @ the bottom I can see the Google Playstore i.e. it seems that you have a mobile Android installation of Obsidian.

On a Linux capable Chromebook there are 2 ways of installing Obsidian.

I. The Mobile Android version of Obsidian via the Google Playstore which will interact only with the chromeos file system, NOT Linux NOR Dropbox.(this is what it seems you have installed)
For Syncthing you will then need to install OR have installed an Android Synthing app such as e.g. Syncthing Fork | video->Syncthing-Fork: Sync your folder between desktop and phone

II. The Desktop Linux version of Obsidian from Download - Obsidian. I suggest you install the Linux deb version[currently obsidian_1.4.16_amd64.deb] as described in this video:
How to install Obsidian on a Chromebook - Updated Tutorial - [Commands | google doc]

Linux Syncthing instructions I followed …

To install Syncthing on ChromeOS Linux, follow these steps:

  1. Open a terminal window.
  2. Update your package list:
sudo apt update
  1. Install Syncthing:
sudo apt install syncthing
  1. When prompted, enter your password and press Enter.
  2. Syncthing will be installed. Once the installation is complete, you can launch Syncthing by typing the following command in a terminal:

So the screens I posted were all from the Linux desktop version.

I guess you have 2 choices …

a. Just continue using the mobile Android Obsidian version you currently have installed and only use a folder e.g “myObsidianVault” that is on your chromeos file system [NOT Linux NOR Dropbox because Android Obsidian can’t see them] and install the Android Syncthing Fork app.
b. If you want the Obsidian Linux Desktop experience, then “Share to Linux” the “myObsidianVault” and follow the instructions in II. above. Now you have two Obsidian instances to interact with.

… hope that helps :slight_smile:

PS: I currently have …
2 Chromebooks with Android Obsidian installed that are syncing well via Syncthing Fork.
1 Chromebook with Linux Obsidian installed syncing via Linux Syncthing.

Shortly I will create enough disk space on my Wacom EMR Acer Chrome Spin 512 and use a folder on the chromeos file system(shared to linux) e.g. My files/Downloads/myVault. Activate Linux and install Obsidian Desktop Linux.
I will then be able to access my vault both from Linux and Android for example to use drawing & handwriting applications with my stylus.

Thanks so much. I really appreciate how thorough your posts have been and all the time you have taken to get me on the right track.
I’m sure you’ve hit the nail on the head and given me a fun project to work on.
Thanks again, you’ve been a great teacher!

Can I tap your knowledge base one more time?
I stayed with the mobile Android version and got it to sync by following your instructions and watching the video you posted.
However, I get this file conflict every time

Looks like I might have found the problem. No conflicts after disabling “update time on edit” plugin. Crossing my fingers

glad you got it working :slight_smile:

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