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Callouts help!

I am trying to define new callout types and I cannot find where they are to add or edit the ones that come with obsidian. Can someone guide me to the file that I need to edit.


This is documented here: https://help.obsidian.md/How+to/Use+callouts#Customizations
The icon IDs can be taken from here: https://lucide.dev/


I found that information and that tells you how to use it and how to modify, but it does not tell you where to modify it.

To use a snippet, simply save it in a CSS file in /.obsidian/snippets/. We recommend editing the CSS file using something like Visual Studio Code or Sublime Text to properly highlight and format it, as invalid CSS will not work.

You can also go into Settings > Apperance, then click on the folder icon next to “CSS Snippets” to open that folder.
After you have saved the .css file for this, click the reload button, and enable the snippet.

I did this and the new changes are not taking effect

.callout[data-callout="REF"] {
    --callout-color: 150, 150, 150;
    --callout-icon: arrow-left-right;

That is my snippet

My settings


The color and icon did not change, based on the CSS that was defined

you need to use the lower case version in your snippet,
so not “REF” but “ref”.
In your note the casing is not important.

I forgot about this fact.

Thanks wow, so simple

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