Obsidian Business ... how to utilise this service in real life

I have subscribed to Obsidian Business service … but to tell you the truth i have no clue on how to use it
How to use it ?
How to give a service using Obsidian ?

Any ideas guys ?

Obsidian Business isn’t a thing, so I’m not sure what you are talking about? Could you be more specific and perhaps ones of us could help you.

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Do you mean the commercial license?

Once you buy it, you’ll get a code that you can activate in your app. That’s all there is to it. Let me know if you have other questions!

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After That ?!
any idea on how and where to use this licence
how to utilise Obsidian commercial licences ?

Maybe the EULA for the commercial license is a good place to start:

If you use OBSIDIAN for commercial use, you must obtain a commercial license. Commercial use is defined as using OBSIDIAN for work-related activities in a company with two (2) or more employees.

If that is not your use case, then perhaps you have the wrong license?

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Not sure if this is the question, but there are no special features that come with the commercial license.


I want apply refund then …
useless commercial licence :frowning:

What did you expect to own by having a commercial license? You must have had some intention or expectation that might be useful for the developers to know about.


Can the developers …give us suggestions
besides , i never received any thing from them after purchasing the licence.

for now , it is a total waste of money ,
Obsidian should do something about that.

@mazaid You can request a refund by emailing [email protected]

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Dear sam.baron

I am a supporter of Obsidian and i want this app to be more and more popular.
I just want then to help me, on how to utilise a commercial licence , i want to know what is the difference between an account with commercial licence and an account without commercial licence,

can any one tell me what is the difference !

If there is no difference , then we have to work on that.


I understand, you should email all account and license questions to [email protected] I’m not trying to ignore you, it’s just the forum is not the place for this discussion, and I’m not the person to answer your questions.


The commercial/personal divide is about your use, not about the app’s features.

If you are using the app for commercial purposes, you should not be using it with a personal license. This is pretty common in software licensing—you can read more about different kinds of software licenses on Wikipedia.

(Thanks for the support, though!)


@mazaid: @anon27868835 is correct:

If you use OBSIDIAN for commercial use, you must obtain a commercial license. Commercial use is defined as using OBSIDIAN for work-related activities in a company with two (2) or more employees.

It does not provide any additional feature, but rather grant you the right to use it for work purposes, with the clauses above. So in a sense it does provide something extra (the right to use it).

If you still want a refund, contact us at [email protected]


Thank you guys … it is very clear now
it is time to think how to utilise this licence wisely :slight_smile:


@Silver, Thank you for all the great work you do on Obsidian. It rocks!

I work for a company with thousands of employees, but I would be the sole user of my instance of Obsidian. I initially thought I would require the commercial license, but reading the support threads, it sounds like I might qualify to use the software under the free license.

I currently use OneNote, but would prefer to use Obsidian for my daily notetaking due to the smaller footprint, open format, simplicity, and developer-friendliness. My use case would be as follows:

  • Keeping Daily Notes/To-Do Lists
  • Technical references / cheat-sheets
  • Phone/Contact Lists
  • Project and Research Notes

Nobody else in the company would be accessing my notes, unless they were individually shared/copied into other applications (email, slack, jira, etc).

Would this be acceptable use of the personal (free) license, or would a commercial license still be required for this use case?

Hi @Jaypoc,

Sorry for the late reply. Yes, a commercial license would be required in your use case.

From our EULA summary:

The only case where you must pay for Obsidian is if you use it for revenue-generating work-related activities in a company with two or more people

I now see how it can be confusing – we meant “if you use it in a company that has two or more people”, not “if you use it with two or more people in a company”.

The full EULA is more clear in this aspect:

B. De Minimis Commercial Use. A License permits use of OBSIDIAN for free for non-Personal Use by individuals, sole proprietorships, or other one-person organizations.

We should probably update our summary to clarify things.

Finally, if there’s anything we can do to help make it easier for your department to consider Obsidian or purchase it, let us know!

I know there are probably some hoops one needs to jump through, especially in a larger company, but if there’s anything that we can do on our end to facilitate the process, such as creating an email template to state the purpose of the software, feel free to point it out.

Thanks Silver. Yes.I will need to submit the program to our software review and approval board. If you have any samples of successful email templates with pros and justifications, that would be extremely helpful to me, and i’m sure to others as well.

Not yet, but we can work on one!

Is this one from Tiago Forte’s “Build a Second Brain” close to what it should look like? Sorry don’t have much experience in this space.



A bit late to this post, but unless you’re in a very idiosyncratic jurisdiction, a sole proprietorship can have any number of people in the organization. It’s a form of ownership, like a partnership, co-op, or corporation.

Have you had someone go over your legal documents? It’s the kind of thing that seems unimportant until it blows up, and it’s pretty easy to mess up EULAs to make them unenforceable (at least in my jurisdiction).