Obsidian & Big Sur

Hi. I’m totally new to Obsidian. I haven’t downloaded it yet because I’m wondering how it works with macOS Big Sur? Design and functionality. I’m running the latest version of Big Sur.

Another thing. Is it difficult to get started with Obsidian? I’m used to work/write in Bear.

Regards from Norway

yes, it works on BigSur.
Just try it and read the included help.

Do I have to do a whole lot of things to make it work on Big Sur, or is it easy peasy lemon squeezy…? :upside_down_face:

Is it CPU heavy, or does it requires a lot of RAM? I shouldn’t have any problem running it, but I don’t want to install anything slowing my machine at all. I’m pretty picky about what I’ll install. But the app looks incredibly cool.

You can just download and install it, and you are ready to go! Nothing extra to download and nothing extra difficult to make it run. It doesnot require you to have a Great PC 4GB ram will do well!

Thank you very much. Okey I have 128 of them so :shushing_face: Download it tonight and give it a go.

The best is probably to pay so I can get the latest build, sync, etc.? And is it recommended to store vault(s) on an external drive, or a local drive? I son’t know if SSD vs HDD has much to say in this context?

Would recommend SSD if possible, that would make starting up faster.

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