Obsidian Backup PlugIn OBSIDIAN GIT does not run



I have installed the PlugIn on my Mac, but cannot get it to run.

I can not solve the following obstacles:

  1. when I START I am asked to create a new REMOTE.
    I unfortunately do not know how and where under what conditions ( syntax ) this can be done. ( pls Screenshot #2 )

  2. an error appears " NO UPSTREAM BRANCH ".
    Again I am not clear where and how to realize this. ( pls Screenshot #1 )

Who can help me to solve the problem ?

Thanks a lot for the support.

Do you already have a git repo set up somewhere? I’m not sure if that’s required (I don’t use this plugin), but I imagine it would be necessary. Have you followed the steps in the wiki?

It looks from your screenshots like the plugin will create a remote automatically (“create a new remote by typing its name and selecting it”). If creating an upstream branch isn’t done by the plugin, you can do this via git (the terminal command or in GitHub, if that’s what you’re using) or you can set it when you push (git push --set-upstream origin main or similar).

Go ahead and install GitHub Desktop, follow this guide on how to set it up, try and feel your way around how Git works and use Obsidian Git later if you absolutely must.

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