Obsidian Back Up on Mac Computers Where and How

Things I have tried

Could not find a manual save feature in the Obsidian menu. Have no idea where Obsidian notes are stored on my Mac computer or on my Mac Time Capsule backup. In MS Word, a save command brings up a window asking for a file name and save location. Nothing comparable in Obsidian ??? Did not find help using the F1 command.

What I’m trying to do. Am a NEWBIE. Lost some nearly empty Obsidian folders. Was hoping to retrieve either on my Mac hard drive or Time Capsule back up.

At the moment, I am assuming that the only way to keep Obsidian data is to manually do a USB back up every day. Haven’t tried yet.

All suggestions appreciated. l Thank you. RB

When you first used Obsidian, it had you create a vault and asked you where to put it (assuming no other vaults exist). The vault is where you chose to put it. The vault is just a folder of .md files and a settings folder.

Once you set the location for the vault, there’s no need to save every individual note you create. They are auto-saved in that vault/folder.

If you click on the vault icon (the one in the lower left above the circled ‘?’ mark), you’ll see the vault switcher. You can see the location path of your vault(s) on disk listed here under the vault name.

If you have time machine / time capsule and it’s set up and running correctly, the vault will be there, in the same location as on your mac.

NOTE If you use iCloud, make sure “Optimize Mac Storage” is unchecked to ensure your files always stay local.


+1 what ariehen said.

Another way to find your notes:

  • Go to any one of your notes in Obsidian.
  • Type Cmd-P, to bring up the command palette.
  • Type “Reveal in Finder”, and run that command. It will open Finder directly to the note.

And if it brings you to this Sandbox folder, you’ve been using a temporary help vault, which resets itself. So that could be one possibility for how you lost some folders. You need to make your own vault, and choose where it goes.
~/Library/Application Support/obsidian/Obsidian Sandbox/

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