Obsidian AVA - AI assistant for Obsidian

Worked with a friend on a plugin that leverages AI inside of Obsidian.

Generate notes

We focused our efforts around three areas:

  • Writing content
  • Rewriting content
  • Connecting your notes

Current landing page explains it better:

Technical infrastructure is a mix of gpt-3 and some ML goodies. Ping me if you want to know more :slight_smile:


Fantastic work - I can’t wait to test it out!!

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Eager to test it out asap.

I am looking forward to trying it.

There are two plugins in Obsidian for using AI:


Ava now uses latest OpenAI ChatGPT model :slight_smile:

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How does the “link vault” and “ask questions of my vault”, handle my privacy?

I cannot find any privacy statement about this. Please let me know where my vault data would go?


When installing Ava, your notes are turned into numbers which are written in a database (pinecone.io or supabase.com in some new versions).

When you use links, similar notes are found from the database and your computer find these notes using the ID that the server returned (your notes are not stored on the cloud, only irreversible numbers that are representations of it)

Ava uses GitHub - different-ai/embedbase: The open source database for ChatGPT to achieve this, everything is open-source.

I started a PR to let you ask question to your vault through Apple Siri + Ava and GPT4.

For example:

  • “How many pull-ups did I do on average last week?”
  • “What was my average Ouraring readiness score in 2023?”
  • “What are my core values?”

If anyone wants to test it out, [WIP] Indexing exploration + embedbase >0.7.5 sync by louis030195 · Pull Request #60 · louis030195/obsidian-ava · GitHub :slight_smile: