Obsidian as PKM for coders?

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I’m learning Java Script and Python (partially, to enhance my interaction with Obsidian). Now, as I have written some little programs, I’d like to be able to search for functions and methods, I might already have used in some little pieces of code somewhere…

… what I need is a PKM for programmers, and I was wondering, if I could use Obsidian for that task? :slight_smile:

As far as I see it, python programs are also small little textfiles. If Obsidian would be able to read them (as it does with .md-files and .txt-files) the code could be indexed and be accessed through the Obsidian search :slight_smile:

How do other coder establish a PKM for their code? (I’m using VS Code)

Thanks in advance,

Not addressing your question directly but there are few ways to add structure in your note, most notably creating links from selected text. Other ways are headings and tags. And finally you have properties which can be searched similarly as headings can be searched.

My first thought here is to write a python script to create a markdown document with all the functions and methods listed. Obsidian won’t open or index python files themselves or any other programming language for that matter even though they are plain text. To be honest VS Code is much better at this sort of thing and there is an obsidian lookalike called dendron that works in a similar way but is a VS Code addon. Alternatively you might need to find or create a plugin to read these types of files. Could be a big job though. Good luck!

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