Obsidian as DayOne replacement


I am a longtime user of DayOne. As a result, I didn’t keep a journal. But irregularly in phases but still.

I’ve had a second try for 3 weeks now and I’m back to using Obsidian after giving Joplin a try a while ago.

What’s on my mind… Is Obsidian a real replacement for DayOne (on iPhone, iPad, iMac)? How is your experience in practice?

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I’ve been using Obsidian in place of DayOne, and for the most part, it works well. My daily is an iPad, so I use shortcuts to populate the notes with some of the info that DayOne does.

Hi Nordlicht,

I have been using Obsidian next to DayOne for a while before deciding to use Obsidian exclusively. So I set up my daily notes (and weekly and monthly recaps as well) in Obsidian. After about 6 months I switched back to the combo: Obsidian for my note taking and DayOne for my daily journal. Obviously, it is about the ‘why’.

  • Obsidian appeals to my left part of the brain. It is rational, is favours mental processes and so on. DayOne appeal more to my right part of the brain: I like the user interface better, I like the ‘on this day’ functionality, … So rationally I am appealed to Obsidian and emotionally I lean towards DayOne.
  • DayOne has more functionality for journaling out of the box. There may be some plugins for Obsidian, but I like the concept of out-of-the-box better than a (sometimes rather huge) collection of plugins.
  • One size fits all (Obsidian for all you are looking for) may work. And may be a good policy for many or most. For me, I trust my right part of my brains on this one. It’s part of me too, you know.

Hope this helps. And whatever you use: happy journaling. It’s not about the tool, it’s about the journaling.

All the best,