Obsidian as a systemwide markdown reader

I’m trying to find a good markdown reader for Read-mes and other .md files strewn about my system. I used to use the Typora beta, but they’ve gone to a license model now and I really don’t use it often enough to justify even the admittedly low $15 license.

So instead of installing another MD editor, is it at all possible to just use the perfectly workable one that i use daily?

Basically I would like to set Obsidian as the default app to open files outside any vault in preview mode, without all the bells and whistles that come attached to vaults. Is this at all possible?

I agree that would be nice; meanwhile, I use Visual Studio Code (free) with a Markdown preview extension.

Not as far as I know.
I find it best to think of Obsidian as a vaulted file system that contains an editor, rather than an editor with bells and whistles.

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I guess that would be a better mental framework for it.

It’s just somewhat annoying that .md files are so widely used for read-mes and yet there’s now good reader that doesn’t just to dual screen view by default

On Mac, Marked 2 is your friend! It comes with lots of bells and whistles, and is a great MD viewer in general.


If you only want to read files, then take a look at the Panda app. It’s really an alpha test release of a new editor for Bear, but Panda has been around for a while, is free, very stable, and stand-alone.

This link has a lot of markdown editors to look through. It may have one that you like.

Markdownpad (Windows) is great for this. It has a dual-pane view and it’s fast & light.

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