Obsidian app is crashing on Android

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What I’m trying to do

  • Open Obsidian app 1.4.16 in realme UI 4.0 Android 13, build number RMX3081_11F.09
    For syncing, I am using OneSync on OneDrive.
    My theme is Anu Ppuccin.
    Plugins enabled: Admonition, Calendar, Dataview, Emoji Toolbar, ExcaliBrain, ExcaliDraw, Kanban., Kindle highlights, Linter, Omnivore, Quick Add, Style Settings, Task, Templater, Text Generator, Tracker, Various Complements

Trying to accomplish

Using Obsidian app on my mobile.

Things I have tried

  • to delete the Obsidian folder, the app is loading but none of the plugins were enabled and the theme is the default one.
  • enabled only the plugins were in place last time when mobile app were working, but app still crashed.
    Can someone helping me to make it working again? How can I debug it?
    I am also considering using Obsidian Sync, if I am using it will this issues disappearing?
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If Obsidian loads without the .obsidian folder in place but crashes with it there, it seems likely it’s a plugin causing the issue.

With Obsidian fully quit, the lowest impact thing to try is to move or rename the .obsidian/community-plugins.json file. This will disable all your community plugins but not remove them.

If Obsidian loads after that, you can check for plugin updates to see if there are any. Then slowly turn one plugin on at a time with restarts in-between to see what happens.