Obsidian App Icon does not show in taskbar (Windows)

Continuing the discussion from Windows 10 app/desktop icon missing:
Also here: Icon not appearing well in Windows10 taskbar

I have the same problem described in the two above mentioned threads. I reinstalled, deactivated all Obsidian plugins and all community plugins, restarted several times. Sometimes the icon appears for a few seconds. But next time I click somewhere, it disappears again. The problem doesn’t seem to appear in the sandbox at first, but after few more clicks the icon disappears as well.

Any ideas what else to do to fix this problem?

Could this be related?

Thanks for the link, but I’m afraid that’s not the reason.

Next try:

I have now installed the older V0.13.31 and the icon appeared again. Then updated again to V1.1.19 which seems to have solved the problem. Hopefully it stays that way!

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