Obsidian and my mindmapping service integration

Hi to everyone! I’m building mindmapping service and want to integrate it with Obsidian. On this 2-minute video I demonstrated it’s concept: http://youtu.be/P6TDt5u_Wrw?hd=1 . Briefly:

  • In the first version it will be possible to create schemes or mindmaps in the similar way you create markdown files in Obsidian.
  • In future versions we gonna add more interaction. For instance it will be possible to turn markdown files from specified folder into nodes on the canvas. You will be also able to edit node names, link types, create new nodes and links. These changes will be automatically synchronized with files, which are represended by the corresponding nodes. In fact it’s gonna work very similar to TheBrain software.

If you want to take part in plugin development as a developer, sponsor or just suggest any ideas on how it should be implemented - please let me know.


You had me at TheBrain. Even if as a bare minimum, this plugin could create nodes from notes (auto suggesting names like wiki links do) and allow child/parent/sibling hierarchies, it would be so wonderful!

I understand that there could be performance issues if someone actually uses it like TheBrain with hundreds of nodes. But I think that could be solved by creating many maps which act as views in TheBrain ie when you click on parent, you see a different map of it’s own child/parent/siblings but since it’s a separate map it wouldn’t need to be loading all the nodes from the previous ones, only one link back to it.

Good luck!

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Rishi, thank you for suggestions! What do you think if hierarchi info would be stored just into the mindmap and mdlinks will be represented as associative relations (which can be edited right on the map and that will be syncrhonized with files)? Please check it on the screenshot: http://joxi.ru/DmB9V1gt4aJ9wr . 1,2,3,4 are hierarchy relations, 5,6,7 - associative)?

We have a feature request for native support for link types(link) here. That might be of some use in determining the syntax for the relationships. If the links on the map can be synchronised with the files as you say, it’d be useful since Obsidian will be aware of those links (even if it doesn’t understand the hierarchy) and so the native graph and back links would still work.

As for syntax I guess it could be like this: [[link|type]]

For screenshot above it is [[stress|causes]] (link from “health issues.md” file)

I’ve been looking for something like this for MONTHS! Is it available yet?