Obsidian and Mindmapping Tools (e.g. Mindmanager)

Any users here who have got Obsidian and external mindmapping tools to work nicely together?

Having built a substantial knowledge graph in Obsidian, I still have a lot of materials within Mindmanager. I find the mindmapping tools powerful for sorting and structuring the large amounts of disparate information that I handle. However, that causes discontuinity between the tools.

  • Are there other people here who work between Obsidian and mindmaps? If so, how?
  • Are you doing large-scale mindmaps in the Obsdian Mindmap plug-in?
  • Have you managed to get a two-way connections between obsidian and external mindmapping tools?

Any insights from Obsidian mindmappers would be very helpful. Thank you!

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you can try a mindmap plugin https://github.com/MarkMindCkm/obsidian-markmind

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Though for some features you will have to pay after a while. An other possibility is the Excalidraw plugin.

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