Obsidian and flashcards - NeuraCache or Anki?

I’m new to flashcards. What are the biggest differences between NeuraCache and Anki? And would you say one is better then the other when it comes to Obsidian integration?

Is it possible to have flashcards pulled in from all over a Obsidan vault with any of the existing integrations with Obsidian/NeuraCache? Or to the markdown source files have to be in a certain folder or similar?


I am also interested in this topic. Did you ever find a good answer?

There is an Obsidian_to_Anki plugin that will output the card to Anki. It’s a community plugin.

he Neuracache is good, but it is not finished product. There is no audio, video, image support… just a text… It is also only as mobile app. There are no plugins, add-ons…etc…

Go for Ankii. All listed above is supported and trilion other things…for example you can generate audio by text-to-speach and emblem it into note… it is open source and there are many plugins.

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Also, I like the flashcard Obsidian plugin to sync the card with Anki because of the syntax.
Obsidian_to_Anki’s syntax makes my notes look cluttered. Same goes with using it with NeuraCache.