Obsidian and Anki

Does anyone have an integrated Obsidian-Anki workflow? If so, would you care to share it?


I don’t have any offers but I saw same posts in Discord chats. You can search there -> https://obsidian.md/community

Thank you.


I am trying to integrate Obsidan and Anki. My workflow is

  1. Take notes based on Zettelkastan method, forexample, a note “Mynotes.md”;
  2. Copy the notes to Typora and output these notes in html format, forexample a note “Mynotes.html” ;
  3. Open these notes with html format in Chrome browser;
  4. Press ‘F12’, and copy all the html codes;
  5. Paste the html codes in step 4 to the Anki. Please note that you should paste html codes to the html enviroment of Anki.
  6. Enjoy Anki

Why I need the notes with html format?

Because my notes have many equations written in Mathjax and Latex, when I transfom my markdown notes to html notes and then copy the html codes to Anki, I can have an Anki note with same style in the markdown editor of Obsian.


Wow, interesting. Is there any restriction for md markup? I mean, how you formatting your document for questions, answers or cloze types?

Thank you.

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Waiting for API / plugin, I think it would be much easier to integrate Obsidian-Anki workflow


@melch_25: thanks for mentioning that one. If you look at that page you’ll see that I have adopted that one :wink:

there is this one too: I made a script to convert notes to anki cards