Obsidian.1.4.13 does not seem to install properly

Obsidian.1.4.13 does not seem to install properly.
When I click Install Obsidian.1.4.13 to install the package, a prompt box that says “Installing…” pops up. But when the progress is completed, my computer desktop and start menu will not appear any shortcuts to open programs.
I can’t find any program entry, and I can only find the installation package for Obsidian.1.4.13 to install it again, and the above situation will appear again.

(I am not from Obsidian official support.)

You need to download the installer as well:

Thanks, the installation package related to my question is exactly the one you gave the link to.

Installed on Linux within Obsidian (app ver. release notifed I need new Electron) then from Downloads just now. No hiccups.
Not done it on Windows yet and I have no Mac.

I tried the Obsidian.1.4.13, 1.4.12, 1.4.5 installers and suddenly found that these packages all encountered this problem… Oh my God, what’s wrong.

Is it Win 10 or 11? Anti-virus issue? Getting a shortcut on the desktop is the least of our worries.

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The problem has been solved. I used GeekUninstaller and found that I could find the uninstall portal in GeekUninstaller, so I used GeekUninstaller for a complete uninstaller, I deleted all the old folders that were usually impossible to find, and after reinstalling it, the shortcuts to obsidian on my computer desktop and start menu appeared again.

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