Obsidian - 1.0 The width of the top note page is narrow

Use Stack tabs when splitting the screen, the width of the top note page is narrow, like this

Can you modify the sliding panes to make the top note page’s width equal to the left screen width (corresponding to the color blue in the picture, like sliding panes- Andy’s mode plugin does)?

Thank you very much!!! :heart:



  • Operating system: MacOS 12.2.1

I realise that if you open too many pages, the width of each page is the same…Yes, same narrow. Is there any way to solve this problem ? Thanks for reading.

I don’t understand what the problem is. If you make the page width bigger, how would you see the content? or if you see the content there would be no space for the stacked tabs.

If both files are open in the active window, both are probably deserving of respectable back-of-retina real-estate.

IMO defaulting to an equal width for active panes is a reasonable option to consider

They are equal if you consider the space occupied by stacked tabs. If you want more space for the content or equal space for the content of stacked and non stacked panes, you can resize the split to suit your needs.

I mean the same as the sliding panes plugin used in the early version (like v15.), in order to see the content, it may hide some of the tabs. But if you want to see the tab, you could just scroll the pane to the left or right, then the tab title would show up.

If you are working on some pages, I think the most important thing is to focus on the content. If so, showing the tab title may not be that important.

Ok, please, open a feature request and explain clearly what you want.