Obsidian 0.12.19 crashes when I try to create or to open a second vault in Cent OS 8

Things I have tried

What I’m trying to do

I am trying to create or open a second vault in Cent OS 8 once my first vault is already open. If I click on “Open another vault” and then on either “Create” or “Open”, then Obsidian crashes getting closed 1-2 seonds after displaying the file explorer.

PD: Moreover, I deleted the vault I was using and now it crashes whenever I want to open the vault back again.

I am not sure if this is always the reason of my crashes but I think it crashes whenever the network location where a vault is located becomes unreachable. I had a vault located in Gdrive through google-drive-ocamlfuse. If the Gdrive connection stops working for any reason, then Obsidian crashes.

Obsidian needs files to be local. As far as I know, it requires constant access to them.

Well, google-drive-ocamlfuse simulates that the files are local but indeed they are on the cloud. And it seems it works for me with the limitation described on this thread. I do not like to rely on backups that I might forget to do or on a hard drive that might get corrupted.

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