Obsidan help: Newbie needing another 'Help' level

Can there be added to this ‘Forum’ another level, and we could label ‘CLUELESS’?

For those like myself who have come to Obsidian without any prior computer experience in programming/coding. I’ve jumped into Obsidian and am thoroughly enjoying the challenge of doing something new…BUT!!! I’m treading water in the open ocean when it comes to this aspect of computer tech. Much of my time learning is having multiple tabs open in Firefox to quickly search a new term. Is it possible to add a new ‘category’ for complete ‘Newbies’? :blush:

You can just ask in Help. :slightly_smiling_face: Or you can ask in Obsidian’s Discord, where the conversations are technically permanent but scroll away into the mists of time, and where there is an #off-topic channel if you need it.

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