Obsdian.json - automatic vault configuration

Hi there,

Q: What is the purpose of the hash-like string 96a832d9c9cc9eca in ~/.config/obsidian/obsidian.json:


It seem the string can be empty or any other string (eg. 1) and obsidian is still opening the vault. It’s neither being overwritten or changed afterwards.

I manage my configuration files locally on my machines with Ansible. Since I only want to install/update my installation once and let ansible do the rest, I’d prefer to put the obsidian.json file into the management as well.
In order to create a more correct configuration file in json, I need to figure out where the hash-string is coming from in order to reproduce it correctly.
That way I can automatically add new vaults to the config.

I didn’t find any detailed documentation about the structure of that file so far.


A minor update. When setting the string to something else there shows up a file wit the same name as the string in the directory 1.json (e.g.). Guess this could be a references to the opened vault and the content looks like containing sizing information for the window of the application.

Question has become obsolete for me. No need to answer.