Obscure Private Paragraphs

I use Obsidian as a personal ‘Journal’. I include ‘private’ thoughts in these journals that I wouldn’t want others to see. As I evaluate how I’d use Obsidian on my phone, I’d like the option to ‘blur’ private thoughts (they could be formatted as callouts or something similar) so they aren’t visible unless I change some kind of setting (prevent someone looking over my shoulder and seeing something they shouldn’t). Is it possible to change a CSS setting based upon some kind of condition? Perhaps these private entries aren’t viewable on a mobile device. Or perhaps there’s a way to have a tag or setting on a particular page that is evaluated by the CSS to decide if it is applied? I’m imagining that if some condition is met, then the text is blanked out in some manner via CSS.

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A bunch of approaches to this, I think.

  • The Privacy Glasses plugin is probably easy as it has a few ribbon buttons and commands that should be easy to use on mobile.

  • You could “hide” sensitive stuff in folded callouts.
    Callouts - Obsidian Help

  • A cssClass would also work. Set the class for any note you want hidden and remove the d from garbled to see everything. Type a d to re-garble it. :see_no_evil:

cssclass: garbled

and the css:

.garbled .cm-scroller {
  font-family: 'Flow Circular', sans-serif !important;
  line-height: 1.45em !important;

I’m sure others have some clever ideas, but those are the three I thought of.

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Another idea along the same lines since you were talking about mobile, would be to use cssClass to hide the paragraphs completely in both modes, using some selectors related to .is-mobile (or what is called).

This would have the advantage is not so easy to bypass, as just going to edit mode would do for some of the others. It’d stop be a matter of changing the CSS class, but it would take some more steps, I think…

Thanks for the feedback. I looked at and played around with all the suggestions, and in the end found that folded callouts with a bit of CSS fit my setup the best. Thanks @ariehen!

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