Obisdian Publish

What I’m trying to do

Hello, I’m exploring the best solution for creating a company wiki or “digital brain” that can also function as a database easy to maintain query-able by a chat bot which will be integrated in the website.

Given our intricate and interconnected workflow in our architectural office, I believe Obsidian might be the right choice … ?

I have some questions regarding Obsidian. I’m not familiar with CSS yet, and I’d like to understand the limitations of Obsidian Publish or any other potential alternatives, before I dive in.
Could someone quickly let me know if the following are possible with Publish?

  1. How much can it be columnized where is the limitation?
  2. Can you add icons to your side bar ?
  3. Can you adjust the width of the side bar ?
  4. Can you remove “powered by Obsidian” watermark ?
  5. How far can the publish graph be customized, can you do it by rule-set or multiple folder colors ? can it be locked (so its not dynamic ) or displayed as an intro page full screen ?
  6. Possible to integrate a query chat bot in this obsidian publish page?

I will use this Welcome to The Quantum Well! - The Quantum Well - Obsidian Publish
as an example for my screenshot :slight_smile:

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