Numbers will never be hashtags


Don’t know if I’m missing on something, but all my year-dates don’t become #s in view mode - even, when they are recognized as #s in editor-mode. Is this intended? I do really need it and it is confusing why should it be disabled?

Perhaps it’s a bug but most likely I’m missing out on some programming thing like “it never can be a #Number …” so I’m asking :slight_smile:

Go get some Screenshots (I marked the Dates yellow, so you don’t have to read all that german stuff):
#s in Edit-Mode

#s in View-Mode

Hash tags can have numbers, but cannot be ALL numbers…
#123 = bad
#123a = good

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Praise the Lord thank you! Now I just have to decide which is my favorite letter to put behind all #sNumbers :smiley:

Numbers almost always have a context. I use something like #year-2020. Or could use #1822AD :stuck_out_tongue:

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My hash tagged numbers only have that one context (date)^^ I needed it to see, if I have something happening in the same year - just by clicking on the hash tag. Normally I had #1856 #2002 and so on, but now it’s all #J1856 #J2002 (the “J” is for the German word “year”).
I’m so glad you two responded so quickly :*

I agree highlighting number tags in the editor is confusing. Will fix that!

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