Number sorting is not displayed correctly

  • In read mode, unordered serial numbers are displayed correctly and numeric serial numbers disappear

I’ve moved this to Help because you didn’t follow the Bug template or guidelines.

Can you paste the actual Markdown, so we can look for syntax problems, or try to recreate the problem?

It looks like you have some lines with bullets, and some with no bullets. I don’t think this is supported in Markdown.

I’m sorry for not following the rules, but I think this is indeed a bug. Because it is displayed normally on my PC version, that is, the digital serial number can be displayed in the reading mode.
Here I attach an example of my use on the iPad side. This problem occurred after updating the 1.X version, and it is limited to obsidian on the iPad and iPhone.
These two pictures are the situation in edit mode and reading mode respectively (obsidian on pc is normal)

Then please resubmit a proper bug report. Fill in the template. Disable themes and community plugins, or use the Sandbox Help Vault.

Or if you want some help, paste the Markdown in the forum, rather than a screenshot, so people can attempt to recreate the problem.

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