(Number Headings Plug-in) Numbered Heading 2 does not show in outline view

I’m using Minimal theme and Number Headings Plug-in.

And I found something wrong that only the numbers of Heading 2 is not shown in outline view.

As the picture shows, other level of headings shown well in the outline view. (Heading 1 is not numbered because I set the top level of the numbered heading)

What I’m trying to do

Show the number of Heading 2 in outline vew, as the other numbered headings 3~5 do.

Things I have tried

  • Turn off the Minimal theme :x:(didn’t work)
  • Turn on skip top level option in Numbered Heading plug-in :x:
  • Turned off & on obsidian even with other device :x:

Can you give me some help?
This problem can be somewhat minor, but it is really bothersome…

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