Now released 1.2.0 of Canvas2Document with full support of complex hierarchical structures, ordering and metadata for navigation

Canvas2document lets you convert any obsidian canvas structure with all content, i.e. cards, notes, media (images, YouTube videos, PDF, websites) from the 2-dimensional representation into the linear structure of a document.
The plugin helps you to pour all the elements of a novel or a complex startup plan into one document and not to have to copy all the components individually.

  • Hierarchy reading: brings the canvas hierarchical relations and ordering as TOC-tree to navigate
  • Flexibility in Canvas Reading: recognizes multiple areas with multiple tree/graph structures
  • Better metadata on navigational headings: data from nodes and files in navigational headers
  • Filenames as headings in resultdoc

check Releases · slnsys/obsidian-canvas2document · GitHub for changes.

A very good plugin that allows the canvas to implement ^abc for referencing and solves canvas performance issues. I am very thankful.

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