Notion/Obsidian Sync

This plugin is ideal for people who use both Obsidian and Notion. Since Notion has developed its API, I believe this should be possible.


  • This plugin will have the capability to have all folders/files in Obsidian mirror the pages in Notion
  • Each page in Notion will translate to a folder with an equally named note in Obsidian. The folder/note will be named after the URL path in Notion (e.g., Test-4rewrewfb6rewr2342reac8f41e5afer2333).
  • Backlinks will be synchronized between Notion and Obsidian, allowing you to take advantage of Obsidian’s graph view while also using Notion’s relations.

Please read the complete outline if you’re interested. If you have any suggestions, please don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments or respond to this post :smile: