Notion-like Tables

Hi, I use Obsidian on 3 devices and in one of them I can no longer see my Notion-like tables. On the other 2 I can still see them. Any idea about how can I recover these? Because I cannot find the app anymore.

I’m not a user of the plugin, but I know it’s one of 2-3 plugins that have undergone a name change.
See the manifest file of Dataloom (AKA Notion-like Tables):

	"id": "notion-like-tables",
	"name": "DataLoom",
	"minAppVersion": "1.4.0",
	"description": "Weave together data from diverse sources into different views. Inspired by Excel Spreadsheets and",
	"author": "Trey Wallis",
	"authorUrl": "",
	"isDesktopOnly": false,
	"fundingUrl": {
		"Buymeacoffee": ""
	"version": "8.15.12"


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