Notion-Like Tables pages do not sync

Hi, I have Obsidian Sync and use it on both my pc and ipad.
If I create a table using Notion-Like Tables on one device, it does not sync on the other.
So, if I create both a normal new file and a new file table on my pc and save them, I will only see the normal file on my ipad.
How can I correct this?

It looks like Notion-Like Tables can be installed on mobile, so that shouldn’t be an issue.

There’s one post on their GitHub with a mobile issue Unable to add more than 5 rows on mobile · Issue #458 · trey-wallis/obsidian-notion-like-tables · GitHub, but that doesn’t seem related.

I would check in the Obsidian Sync settings on both devices as settings are per device. Alternatively, you could leave the sync settings as they are and manually install the plugin on mobile if it isn’t there already.

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