Notion like tables - Filters don't working on smartphone

I am using Notion like tables plugin.
It works fine. The Filters too on desktop.
But in smartphone the Filters don’t Work.
I created a table for my favourities on internet categorized by type of media, type of Content, etc.

Is there anyone that can give some help about?
Is there another similar plugin to use?

May Obsidian folders plugin do the same? (I have not yet tried it, I will look at in these days).

Thank you.

Is it still called Notion like tables on your end? Because then it might be severely out of date. It’s called Dataloom now.

Anyway, you should know that the plugin is in maintainance mode and won’t be seeing many updates going forwards. This is due to the core database feature on the Obsidian roadmap.

You could try the DB Folder plugin or the Projects plugin as alternatives.

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Yes, You’re right. It’s actual name is Dataloom.
Ok, I will look to DB FOLDERS as alternative.


I’ve only barely looked into Dataloom and/or DB Folders, but I’m an avid user of Dataview which is my go to for any data gathering. But it’s hard to tell whether it’ll be suitable for you since you’ve not said a whole lot of your use case besides filtering.