Notion import filled obsidian with image files

I used the Notion import, but now my fresh Obsidian vault has the notion pages as markdown (:white_check_mark: ) but the root is also full of the 500+ images that were on various pages. Very messy in my new space :frowning:

Any suggestions for cleaning this up?

Depends on how the links to the images are formatted in your Markdown. Can you show an example?

Also, what do you want it to be like? I personally keep all my images in one /attachments/ folder. Do you want them in the same folder structure that you had them in Notion? Or simply out of the root folder?

There is a setting where new attachments should go. This won’t help you now, but it’s worth setting now.

If the images are linked with basic wikilinks ![[image.jpg]], then you could go into your system’s file explorer and just move all of the images into a subfolder. The links won’t break.

If the images are stored with a path, ![[/path/to/image.jpg]] or Markdown links [](/path/to/image.jpg) then this will likely break all your links. There might be a plugin or workaround that someone knows.

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